Dominaria Buy-a-Box Promotion!

For Dominaria you can now pick up a full display booster box of the return to Magic’s home a week early! If you pre-order a booster box of Dominaria from your GZ, you can take it home Prerelease weekend (April 21-22). Draft with friends, get a head start on your collection, build a new deck, or gather as many Legends as you can—all a week earlier! The promotion is only valid through Prerelease Weekend.

Players that have pre ordered will recive a special Buy-a-Box promo while supplies last. This Promo is only availiable with the Buy-a-Box promotion. It's not in booster packs. It's not in Bundles. It's not in any store outside of the Wizards Play Network. 



GameZilla Saint John Pauper Friday Night Magic!

Prizes: FNM Promos
1st - 3 Packs
2nd - 2 Packs 
3rd - 4th - 1 Pack

*** Most current set on hand, 8 players required for pack prizes & min rounds played ***

Dominaria Pre Release Weekend

Check with your local GZ for more info on their Dominaria Pre Release Schedule

                               Events all weekend April 21st - 22nd 


 GZSJ is proud to have our advanced status back and to hold our first sealed PPTQ. 

GZSJ Pokemon League Cup

  GZSJ Pokemon League Cup. Check with GameZilla SJ for more info.

Rivals of Ixalan Store Championship

                April 7th Check with your local GZ for more info.

Pokemon Forbidden Light

April 21st -22nd & April 28th-29th. Check with your local GZ for more info.